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Startups I've Worked With

A Side Income Can Come From Anything That You Love

For me, that's helping startups (Sad huh?).  I help startups to systematically validate their business ideas and maintain their forward focus.

Ben Bidwell CEO Clipcrowd

With a plan to develop a significant new feature for Clipcrowd, I asked Jay to help us with product focus after a year of product development and beta testing. What Jay gave me was clarity on developing a systematic roadmap implementing a quantifiable validation process to ensure we moved forward in the right direction without subjective guess work. In doing so we cut development costs and ensured we were building a product the market told us it wanted.

Alongside the product focus, Jay provided fantastic support for me in helping make some vital business decisions offering a very pragmatic and straightforward approach to discussions. As a bootstrapped entrepreneur, Jay knows how uncertain everything in business can be from a lot of personal experience and knows going "by the book" doesn't always help everyone and offers a very practical perspective on the best ways to move forward with a product. He's been invested in my success throughout and a highly enjoyable person to work with, but very importantly isn't just another "yes" guy.