The Engineering Hustle is a website run by me, Jay Nguyen, to show engineers like you how online businesses can be used to build a passive side income.  I am NOT an expert or guru, I'm just really fascinated by online business and want to share my education with you.


Passive Side Income refers to money that is made by your side business,  a business that continues to earn money even when you're not actively spending time working on it.

A passive side income can be created while you are still working full-time, and can eventually replace your main source of income. 

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Oil rig near the mountains in Norway.

I’m just a normal guy in my early forties who's had to learn how to use online business to create passive side income out of necessity.

Like so many other people, I hadn't planned this for a career.

I graduated from university with an engineering degree and worked in the oil and gas industry for 18 years as a subsea pipelines engineer.

The industry was booming and I thought I had all the security I needed — but sometimes, things just don't happen the way they're suppose to.

The collapse of the oil price hit my industry hard.

In Sept 2015, just 2  months before my wedding, my employer went into administration and I was laid off from my job.

My employer hadn't paid me any wages for 2 months, and the collapse of the housing market meant that I had to sell my home at a massive loss.

Any savings we had were obliterated.


Although the situation was difficult for my wife (then-fiancee) and me, it was worse for many others in my industry.

I've always had something going on the side, from building PC's in high school to internet startups in the last few years.

So while I was able to experiment with online businesses to generate some extra income, many esteemed colleagues and friends with 20+ years in the industry were unable to find other sources of income.

In Sept 2016, I surveyed over 356 engineers in my industry to find out their biggest struggles and problems, with a view to seeing how I could help.

While many engineers had considered doing something entrepreneurial, most said they had done nothing about it because they were either:

  • Too afraid of failure.
  • Didn't know where to start.

Out of that knowledge, I created The Engineering Hustle to give you a safe and supportive place to join other engineers,  overcome any fears and discover a starting place that works for you.


From 'Ah-Hah' to 'Ruh Roh' - I'm going to show you what works and what doesn't as I run head first into my own side income hustles.

I'd love to share with you all the things that learn along the way, to give you guidance and steer you clear of any shoddy decisions.

I'm an engineer.  I'm risk averse, like you.  That's why I plan to only give you stuff that is logical and makes sense.

I will be writing emails that will address specific questions asked by you, my readers. As emails, they won't be published on my website, and you won't find it anywhere else internet.

​You can receive these emails, and even help shape the content, by clicking the button below.

I take great pride in being able to walk with you on this exciting (and sometimes terrifying) journey.  Being able to communicate with you directly will let me help you stay on course to achieve your ultimate goal.